Wedding Dance Packages

Wedding Dance Packages

We offer several options, all of which are private one-on-one instruction. The most savings are with the 10- and 15-lesson packages!

5-Lesson “Crash Course”$360

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This package will give you the basics, and will get you our on the dance floor comfortable. You’ll probably be limited to a few moves, but you’ll have a nice entrance and exit, and you’ll definitely look like you know what you’re doing.

10-Lesson “Dancing Smoothly at Your Wedding”$700

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This package will impress your family and friends with a few more sophisticated moves, better posture and poise, and overall smoothness of movement.

15-Lesson “Dancing Like a Pro at Your Wedding”$975

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This package will really “wow!” your audience with your dance proficiency. Learn several complex patterns with ease and fluidity. We’ll help tailor your moves and movement to the song. You just might be mistaken for a dancing pro!

Individual Private Instruction

If you’d like to take additional lessons after completion of one of the above packages, or if you just feel that you need one or two “brush up” lessons, you can buy individual 45-minute sessions for just $75┬áper session.

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Group Instruction

If you would like your entire wedding party to get dance lessons, we can provide you with group rates and group instruction. Please talk to us about group rates, which may vary depending on the size of the group, and the number of lessons desired.