Wedding Dance

He proposed, she said yes…

You’ve just said “I do”, and you’re planning your wedding. Now the months or weeks of intensive planning begins. Will the wedding dance be a moment of excitement and joy? Or one of anxiety?

Wedding dance instruction should be top priority for any new couple. Just a few hours of preparation can give you the confidence that you need to look good. We’ll tailor the dance to the song, so that you look musical and fluid in front of your family and friends.

Your Lessons

Most couples take between 5 – 10 lessons to prepare for their wedding dance, but we can give you the basics in as little as 3 if the wedding date is near. It really depends on how good you want to look! Considering that it’s your wedding… why not look great?

On your complimentary first lesson, your instructor will review your song choice to help you decide the best style of dance to fit the music. If you don’t have a song yet, we can help you choose a style, tempo, and genre to fit your comfort level well. Bring some options and ideas with you to your first lesson if you’re not sure about the music.

It’s ideal to start your lessons at least 2 – 3 months before the wedding, so that you can relax and just have fun without the pressure of a deadline. Give yourself plenty of time to practice, too. When things start getting really hectic with the wedding planning, you’ll be glad that you got the dance lessons out of the way early! If you don’t have months before the wedding, we do offer crash courses that can get you up to speed quickly.

With our 5-lesson wedding dance package, we’ll build your dance confidence quickly. You’ll impress your friends and family on the most important day of your life. Our ballroom instructors will give you the tools you need to feel comfortable and confident during your wedding dance.

If you really want to look good, sign up for our 10-lesson package to learn advanced turns and combinations, and to really tailor your dancing to the music. You’ll be the star of the dance floor, as it should be on your wedding night!