Lessons are conducted at our studio space in Lakewood, CA.  All dance lessons are private, just you and your instructor in a private studio space-so you can enjoy your lessons and focus on learning with your partner.  No worries about sharing the floor or music system with other couples, like at larger studios.  The studio is fully mirrored with beautiful vintage wood floors-ready for you to put on your dancing shoes.

If our location is not convenient for you, we’re willing to go where you are, and find a studio that is local to you.

It’s all included!

Your lesson purchase includes studio space (we take care of that), so you do not have to be concerned with booking appointments or cost. Just meet us there!

If one of the above studio spaces is not convenient for you, just let us know where you are and we’ll find a closer studio space. There are dance studios all throughout Southern California, so this is usually easy to do. Your dance lessons should be convenient and hassle-free, and we’d like to do everything we can do make that happen.