Partner Dance

Partner Dance Lessons

Partner swing, salsa, and ballroom dancing is a great way to meet new friends, get some exercise, and just have a lot of fun.

Swing Dance Lessons

In Southern California, west coast swing has expecially taken the social dance scene by storm over the past decade. West coast swing can be danced to a top-40, country, and rock music, and is more fluid and relaxed than than traditional ballroom.

We’ll teach you how to lead and follow in social dance settings, where you’ll probably dance with a different partner on every song. You’ll learn how to recognize hits and stops in the music, and really “play” with the music and body movements, so that it really fits the song. Learn good connection technique, stylish footwork, and tricks and dips.

Lindy Hop Lessons

Looking for more athleticism? Try lindy hop! This partner dance is a high-energy, partner swing dance that has become very popular in Southern California during the past decade. They don’t call it dancaerobics for nothing!